About Sword Drills…

If you don’t know or don’t remember, a sword drill was something we did in school (if you went to a tiny Christian school) where the teacher would shout out random Bible verses and kids would try to locate them as quickly as possible in their Bibles.

As a relatively normal, functioning adult, sword drills stick out in my mind as one of the bizarre rituals I took part in as a child brought up in the Evangelical Christian faith.  And since those days, well, it’s been a long, strange and difficult journey.

This blog is an account of that journey, which continues today.

I’m still a Christian.  I still think seriously about my faith.  But… well… you’ll see I guess if you take the time to read some entries.

This blog is meant to contain the stuff that would worry/offend my Evangelical family and friends and totally freak out my co-workers and casual acquaintances who think I’m a laid-back, normal guy.  Well, to my fellow Christians… and to my ‘non-believing’ brothers and sisters… brace yourselves.

It’s time for some Sword Drills.

Published on May 1, 2009 at 3:18 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. thanks for including me..i get it completely..will enjoy reading your thoughts..

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